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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Some stuff from game

These ones where also done for Nowa Era publishing house. They're for a game for children - for computer classes. There where more than this but these I like the most. Children are suppose to learn how to use computer from this. It's a little childish but it's for little children (7-9 years). It was great fun to do this :)
It seems I'm becoming children illustrator... and I kinda like this :)
Hope you will like it!

Cards for school lectures

I have not been here for a while - that's because of so much amount of work I've got lately... I don't have time for my private illustrations so I'm showing only these things which have been already published.
Nowa Era publishing house has recently published cards for school lectures which I've done illustrations for! Here's some of them I like the most.
(Oh my god sorry for my english. I didn't write much lately and I' ve almost forgot it... Shame on me... )

Little Nicholas and other boys
The Secret Garden
Academy of Mr Kleks
 Lionheart Brothers
Anne from Green Gables
 Crystal Ball
 Why the sea water is salty?
 The Ugly Duckling
 The nightingale
 The Princess and the Pea
The Snow Queen